The politics of helping the poor

July 1, 2010

Slides from my talk at the Luxembourg Income Study conference on “Inequality and the Middle Class.”

The conference papers are available online.

One Response to “The politics of helping the poor”

  1. B. Deahl Says:

    Lane Kenworthy,

    This morning . . . hurrying to get through my email . . . I ran across your website link on a Tom Toles political cartoon. It took me to “Consider the Evidence.” AMAZING! I will be passing out copies of your inequality graph . . . .

    I must get back to my day job, but I want to thank you for creating an oasis in this troubled desert of bold-faced lies.

    I will be back to your websites frequently . . . even for a recipe.

    I’m am 86-year-old retired woman designer (and when 62 became a professor of design) turned art rep for the widow of John Baldwin . . . now working on a website representing her paintings. (She is now 100.)

    Thank you.

    B. Deahl

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