How Big Should Our Government Be?

with Jon Bakija, Peter Lindert, and Jeff Madrick

University of California Press, 2016

Contents and summary chapter

Economic Policy Institute event streamed on YouTube

Blurbs by Robert Solow, William Gale, and Dean Baker (click on “Reviews”)

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Social Democratic America

Oxford University Press, 2014

Contents and introductory chapter

Blurbs by Jared Bernstein, Reihan Salam, Jacob Hacker, and Tyler Cowen (click on “Reviews”)

Reviews and commentary: Alexander, The ForumBruenig, Demos ⋅ Cooper, The WeekDionne, Washington PostDiSalvo, Boston ReviewLevin, First ThingsKurtz, LogosMaisano, JacobinPethokoukis, AEI ⋅ Phillips-Fein, BookForumPressman, Dollars & SenseRogers, Contemporary SociologyTeixeira, ThinkProgress ⋅ Teixeira, Mother JonesTomasky, New York Review of BooksYeselson, DissentYglesias, Slate

Interviews: Wonkblog, Washington PostCentral Time, Wisconsin Public Radio ⋅ MPR News, Minnesota Public Radio ⋅ Alan Colmes Show, Fox News Radio

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Foreign Affairs article: “America’s Social Democratic Future”

Progress for the Poor

Oxford University Press, 2011

Contents and introductory chapter


Jobs with Equality

Oxford University Press, 2008

Contents and introductory chapter


Egalitarian Capitalism

Russell Sage Foundation, 2004

Contents and introductory chapter


In Search of National Economic Success

Sage, 1995

Contents and introductory chapter

Edited volume: Method and Substance in Macrocomparative Analysis

with Alexander Hicks

Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

Contents and introductory chapter