Employee voice: additional data

Lane Kenworthy, The Good Society
July 2022


The following charts show the share of employees in the private sector (solid lines) and the public sector (dashed lines) who are a member of a labor union in each of the rich democratic countries.



Figure A1. Unionization in the private sector and the public sector
Solid lines: private sector. Dashed lines: Public sector. Share of employees who are a member of a labor union. Data source: Jelle Visser, “ICTWSS: Database on Institutional Characteristics of Trade Unions, Wage Setting, State Intervention, and Social Pacts,” version 6.0, 2019, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies, series ud_private, ud_s_private, ud_public, ud_s_public. There are no available data for Ireland, Italy, Korea (South), Portugal, and Switzerland.