Some recent links I like

Getting ahead or losing ground: economic mobility in America, by The Economic Mobility Project

Movin’ on up: reforming America’s social contract to provide a bridge to the middle class (pdf), by Shawn Fremstad et al.

Poverty is poison, by Paul Krugman

Integrating poverty into a more encompassing progressive narrative about the economy, by Shawn Fremstad

Barack-onomics: What is it really?, by Howard Gleckman

Elitist fools and hopeless blowhards, by Mark Thoma

America’s economy risks the mother of all meltdowns, by Martin Wolf

My other car is a bright green city, by Alex Steffen (via Ezra Klein)

Confusion about the changing positions of political parties in the U.S., by Andrew Gelman

Linear regression is not dead, by Andrew Gelman

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