Links: March 2008

U.S. economy

An economy undermined?, Financial Times

Betting the bank, by Paul Krugman

The b word, by Paul Krugman

Slump moves from Wall St. to Main St., New York Times

A subprime conversation, by Mark Thoma

Living standards, inequality, poverty

Green-collar jobs in America’s cities, by the Apollo Alliance

The subprime borrower protection plan, by Dean Baker

The squeeze is on, by Jared Bernstein

How to cast a mortgage lifeline?, by Alan Blinder

The rich are different, by Len Burman

The end of the age of Friedman, by Brad DeLong

On the new reports from the Social Security and Medicare trustees, by Robert Greenstein

Unemployed, and skewing the picture, by David Leonhardt

Culture of success: inside an inequality riddle, by Brink Lindsey

How Europe’s model could solve America’s immigration problem, by Douglas Massey

Infrastructure is America’s best investment, by Felix Rohatyn and Warren Rudman

House of cards: consumers turn to credit cards amid the mortgage crisis, delaying inevitable defaults, by Tim Westrich and Christian Weller

The American public and the next social contract, by Cliff Zukin


The teaching penalty, by Sylvia Allegretto, Sean Corcoran, and Lawrence Mishel

Middle-class schools for all, by Richard Kahlenberg

At charter school, higher teacher pay, New York Times

What makes Finnish kids so smart?, Wall Street Journal

U.S. politics

What is McCain’s economic agenda?, by Jared Bernstein

Obama’s theory is tested, by David Brooks

Rich state vs. poor state, rich voter vs. poor voter, over time, by Andrew Gelman

Expand the House of Representatives, by Larry Sabato

Forecasting the electoral college, by John Sides

What should the Democrats do about Florida and Michigan?, by Jeff Weintraub

The case for partisanship, by Matthew Yglesias


Brazil’s lesson for China: do not ignore inequality, by Geoff Dyer

Economics and the rule of law, The Economist

Why we need a world education bank, by David Manning

Darfur – four years and counting, by Jeff Weintraub


Information liberation, by Daniel Akst

Where the Starbucks and Walmarts are, by Andrew Gelman

Body counting, by Megan McArdle

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