Links: July 2008

U.S. economy

Blowing in the wind, Financial Times

Behind the Bush bust, by Paul Krugman

L-ish economic prospects, by Paul Krugman

Borrowers and bankers: a great divide, by Gretchen Morgenson

The heart of the economic mess, by Robert Reich

Living standards, poverty, inequality, well-being

Understanding the demand side of the low-wage labor market, by Gregory Acs and Pamela Loprest (via Matt Lewis)

The measure of America: American human development report 2008-2009, by the American Human Development Project

Inequality and the Fannie/Freddie bailout, by Dean Baker

Disability and democracy, by Michael Bérubé

Recent trends in the variability of individual earnings and household income, by the Congressional Budget Office

Parental education and parental time with children, by Jonathan Guryan, Erik Hurst, and Melissa Kearney

Parents’ health, children’s health, and incomes: a cycle of poverty, by Janet Currie

We’re rich!!, by Chris Dillow

Women crack glass ceiling from above, Financial Times

Danes still the happiest, even if they won’t say hello at the grocery store, by Justin Fox

The strange fantasy world of the income-inequality denialists, by Justin Fox

Growing disparities in life expectancy, by Elise Gould

What do working-class voters want? They want a fair deal, by Steven Greenhouse

Unequal America, by Elizabeth Gudrais

The declining value of your college degree, by Greg Ip

Job creation?, by Paul Krugman

How much does it cost you in wages if you “sound black”?, by Steven Levitt

Framing the safety net — part 1, part 2, part 3, by Matt Lewis

Given a shovel, Americans dig deeper into debt, by Gretchen Morgenson

American murder mystery, by Hanna Rosin

The growth solution, by Carl Schramm and Robert Litan

“The culture of debt”?, by Mark Thoma

Gender equality and the math gap, by John Timmer (via Brad DeLong)

Women are now equal as victims of poor economy, by Louis Uchitelle

Happiness, meaning, and knowledge, by Will Wilkinson

Two views on luck and redistribution, by Will Wilkinson

Health care

Single-minded, by Jonathan Cohn

Means testing, for Medicare, by Tyler Cowen

Underinsured, by Ezra Klein

While the U.S. spends heavily on health care, a study faults the quality, New York Times


Obama’s no-brainer on education, by Jonathan Alter

Can young Americans compete in a global economy?, by Elizabeth Cascio (via Mark Thoma)

How to learn the right lessons from other countries’ schools, The Economist

Beyond silver bullets: pre-K effectiveness, by Sara Mead

Crime and punishment

Reversing mass imprisonment, by Bruce Western


So you want to know more about unions?, by Nathan Newman

It’s time to make union membership a civil right, by David Sirota


An updated analysis of the presidential candidates’ tax plans, by Len Burman and others

Evidence shows that tax cuts lose revenue, by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Does business really want low tax rates?, by Howard Gleckman

Tax receipt: knowing what you paid for, by Jim Kessler and Tess Stovall

Government spending

Real fiscal responsibility, by Brad DeLong


How to raise African wages 840 percent, by Chris Blattman

Can the U.S. bring jobs back from China?, BusinessWeek

Migration: a turning tide?, The Economist

Diverging interests: company and country at a crossroads, by Ralph Gomory and William Baumol (via Justin Fox)

The death of the globalization consensus, by Dani Rodrik

Don’t cry for Doha, by Dani Rodrik

U.S. politics

One simple way to predict a victor, by Clive Crook

More on McCain’s economic policy, by Brad DeLong

What did Reagan accomplish?, by Brad DeLong

Where should Barack Obama be campaigning?, by Brad DeLong

Presidential economics: do parties matter?, by Philippa Dunne and Doug Henwood (via Brad DeLong)

Presidential elections inequality: the electoral college in the 21st century, by FairVote (via Matthew Yglesias)

Left-right ideology of voters, congressmembers, and senators, by Andrew Gelman

A short primer on McCainomics versus Obamanomics: top-down or bottom-up, by Robert Reich

Is Obama the most liberal senator?, by John Sides

Can progressives unite, or will it be the same old bit-politics story?, by Theda Skocpol


How can we end poverty? The determinants of development, by Raphael Auer

Europe’s Roma, The Economist

In some parts of the world, family planning is still a distant dream, The Economist

Women have long been held back in Germany, but that is now changing, The Economist

Iceland’s blend of old and new, by Thorvaldur Gylfason

A new fashion catches on in Paris: cheap bicycle rentals, New York Times

France to let companies scrap 35-hour week, New York Times

Why Darfur still bleeds, New York Times

China’s inequality looms large as a policy challenge, by Alan Wheatley


Random walks by young economists, by Angus Deaton (via Chris Blattman)

The case against meat, by Ezra Klein

Cheap wine, by Steven Levitt

What if the candidates pandered to economists?, by Greg Mankiw

Having kids makes you happy: true or false?, Newsweek

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