Links: September 2008

U.S. economy

Progressive conditions for a bailout, by Dean Baker

Why the bailout?, by Bruce Bartlett (via Brad DeLong)

Understanding the three ways of dealing with financial crises, by Brad DeLong

Lessons from the Great Depression, by Barry Eichengreen

Financial rescue models: solutions past and present, Financial Times

Does the financial crisis threaten your job?, by Alan Krueger

Cash for trash, by Paul Krugman

Washington’s invisible hand, by David Leonhardt

Stopping a financial crisis, the Swedish way, New York Times

What Wall St. should be required to do to get a blank check from Main St., by Robert Reich

Where did we go wrong?, by Dani Rodrik

Everybody calm down: a government hand in the economy is as old as the republic, by Robert Shiller

Taxpayers can still benefit from a bailout, by Lawrence Summers

Public humiliation, by James Surowiecki

Reactions to Monday’s House rejection of the bailout plan, by Mark Thoma

Worst crisis since ’30s, with no end yet in sight yet, Wall Street Journal

U.S. politics

Having a beer, by Larry Bartels

Lipstick bungle, by Charles Blow

On strategy and tactics, by James Fallows (via Josh Marshall)

The bailout debate and partisan realignment, by Henry Farrell

What does it take to define away the statistics showing superior economic performance under Democratic presidents?, by Jeffrey Frankel

Obama recovery across red, yellow, and blue states, by Charles Franklin

An open letter to Barack Obama, by William Galston

Popular governor of a small state, by Andrew Gelman

Why it matters: McCain vs. Obama and the problems of the American economy, by Reed Hundt

The resentment strategy, by Paul Krugman

Do more unequal places tend to vote for Democrats?, by Jim Manzi (via Andrew Gelman)

Obama and the closing of the American dream, by Aziz Rana (via Shawn Fremstad)

Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?, by John Schmitt and Hye Jin Rho

John McCain’s “big” economic plans, by Mark Thoma

For those of you who are confused, by Michael Tomasky (via Ezra Klein)

Obama’s message deficit, by Jacob Weisberg

Palin is ready? Please, by Fareed Zakaria

Living standards, poverty, inequality, well-being

Medicine for Wall Street: a financial transactions tax, by Dean Baker

401(k)s are not replacing Social Security as the main source of retirement savings, by Dean Baker

How we measure poverty, by Rebecca Blank

Pathways to economic mobility, Economic Mobility Project

Spend it while you can, by Ray Fisman

Congress passes bill with protections for disabled, New York Times

Health care costs increase strain, studies find, New York Times

In bailout furor, Wall St. pay becomes a target, New York Times

Understanding the black-white earnings gap, by William Rodgers

Breaking asset poverty, by Ellen Seidman

Closing the gap in a generation: health equity through action on the social determinants of health, WHO Commission

The natural inequality experiment, by Matt Zeitlin (via Megan McArdle)


Regressive taxes and redistribution, by Chris Dillow

Tax cuts on profits, savings, and the wealthy fail to spur economic growth, by Mike Ettlinger and John Irons

Tax-cut snake oil, by Jeffrey Frankel

The McCain tax increases, by Joe Klein (via Matt Yglesias)

Tax plans, by Viveka Weiley

Health care

Why Obama’s health plan is better, by David Cutler, Brad DeLong, and Ann Marie Marciarille

Colder than thou, by Ezra Klein

An examination of the Wyden-Bennett health reform plan, by Edwin Park


Protect our kids from preschool hype, by Christina Satkowski

Cities and transportation

Walkability, by Ryan Avent

Putting America’s transportation system on track, by Paul Weinstein Jr.

Transit and density, by Matthew Yglesias


And then there was one, by Thomas Friedman


Migrants to Spain find welcome mat withdrawn, Financial Times

The anti-immigrant movement that failed, Progressive States Network


Olivier Blanchard is the IMF’s new chief economist

Can the west save Africa?, by Chris Blattman

A measure of hope, by Paul Collier

The new class struggle: educating girls, by Caroline Daniel

Precarious in Pretoria: Zuma will struggle to fulfill pledges to poor, Financial Times

United less than ever, the world’s nations ponder reform, Financial Times

Spain’s new nationalism, by Simon Kuper

Indonesia’s democratic miracle, by Kishore Mahbubani

The lame left?, by Douglas Muir

Fast food hits Mediterranean; a diet succombs, New York Times

U.N. study finds more women in politics, New York Times

Wage gaps for women frustrating Germany, New York Times

Is export-led growth passé?, by Dani Rodrick


Let’s talk about sex, by Charles Blow

Fab four born in soccer’s most fertile week, by Simon Kuper

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