Links: December 2008

U.S. economy

Paper wealth and the economic crisis, by Dean Baker

How to give banks confidence to lend to businesses, by Lucian Bebchuk and Itay Goldstein

Japanese fiscal policy in the 1990s, by Tyler Cowen

Fed’s new strategy to cut cost of borrowing, Financial Times

The big bang of bailouts, by Jeffrey Garten

Big three, meet the “little eight”, by Daniel Gross

A finger in the dike, by Nicholas Kristof

Deficits and the future, by Paul Krugman

The Madoff economy, by Paul Krugman

What to do, by Paul Krugman

Obama’s economic opportunity, by Robert Kuttner

$73 an hour: adding it up, by David Leonhardt

Grim job report not showing full picture, by David Leonhardt and Catherine Rampell

Crises and government, by Greg Mankiw

All recessions not created equal, New York Times

A proposal: employment-linked tax incentives, by Dani Rodrik

Automaker bankruptcies would cost up to 3.3 million U.S. jobs, by Robert Scott

Which is best: monetary policy, government spending, or tax cuts?, by Mark Thoma

How to squeeze the most from a stimulus plan, by Louis Uchitelle

Bernanke confronts the challenge of a lifetime, by Martin Wolf

Profit-maximization as the sole goal of a corporation, by Martin Wolf

Living standards, poverty, inequality, well-being

Improving the measurement of poverty, by Rebecca Blank and Mark Greenberg

How severance stacks up, BusinessWeek

Widening inequality means a democracy at risk, by Benjamin Friedman

Cause for alarm? Understanding recent trends in teenage childbearing, by Frank Furstenberg

The politics of fighting poverty in faltering economies, by William Galston

Is unemployment benefit a good thing after all?, by Tim Harford

Do liberals hate charity?, by Ezra Klein

The problem of wages, by Ezra Klein

Measuring the safety nets of the jobless, New York Times

Software that opens worlds to the disabled, New York Times

Creating second chances, by Devah Pager

Why do Americans still hate welfare?, by R.M. Schneiderman

EEGs show brain differences between poor and rich kids, UCBerkeleyNews

Nordic blogging, by Matthew Yglesias


Finance, redistribution, globalisation, by Giuseppe Bertola and Anna Lo Prete

Obama has to lead the way on trade, by Clive Crook

How to sell anti-protectionism, by Leif Pagrotsky


Taxes of the rich and famous, by Kevin Drum

Tax havens, Financial Times

Why wait to repeal tax cuts for the rich?, by Robert H. Frank

VATs next?, by Howard Gleckman

Health care

An unhealthy individual health insurance market, by Lester Feder and Ellen-Marie Whelan

The case for public plan choice in national health reform, by Jacob Hacker

The importance of the number, by Ezra Klein

What does health care reform mean? How quickly can we get there? LBJ’s example, by Maggie Mahar

Can Americans afford Medicare?, by Uwe Reinhardt


No education silver bullet, by Dana Goldstein

Improving educational outcomes for poor children, by Brian Jacob and Jens Ludwig

College may soon become unaffordable for most in U.S., by Tamar Lewin

How Finland educates the youngest children, by Sara Mead


White House philosophy stoked mortgage bonfire, by Jo Becker, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, and Stephen Lebaton

The myth of the happy homeowner, by Richard Florida


Homes on the cheap, by Ryan Avent

New York, New York: America’s resilient city, by Ed Glaeser

U.S. politics

Experience first, by Ezra Klein

The most liberal Congress in history?, by Nolan McCarty

Polarization, by Nolan McCarty

The future of conservatism, by Richard Posner

Five big changes that are transforming our country, by Ruy Teixeira

Millenials’ views about government intervention, by Ruy Teixeira

How historic a victory?, by Michael Tomasky


Never again, for real, by Madeleine Albright and William Cohen

French unions losing influence in downturn, by Katrin Bennhold

Does peacekeeping work?, by Chris Blattman

Why the coup in Guinea must be overturned, by Chris Blattman

How migrating workers from eastern Europe are improving labour markets, by Charlemagne

Why the left in Europe is not benefiting from the economic crisis, by Charlemagne

The end of the end of the revolution (Cuba), by Roger Cohen

If I were James Purnell… (UK), by Chris Dillow

Unmade in China, by Geoff Dyer

Coups and attempted coups are going out of fashion, The Economist

Democracy in Latin America, The Economist

Welfare reform in the U.K., The Economist

A slap-up immigration debate in Sweden, Financial Times

Preventing genocide, by Lexington

Massacre unfurls in Congo, despite nearby support, New York Times

Unemployed immigrants struggle as Spain rolls up the welcome mat, New York Times

A domino effect in the global work force, by Floyd Norris

Good news in bad times, by Jeffrey Sachs


Abortion politics didn’t doom the G.O.P., by Ross Douhat

Our mutual joy, by Lisa Miller

In a first, gay rights are pressed at the U.N., New York Times

Barcelona is winning with style and a new coach, New York Times

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