Links: March 2009

U.S. economy

Do not let the ‘cure’ destroy capitalism, by Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy

Nationalize? Not so fast, by Alan Blinder

Obama is no socialist, by Alan Blinder

Message to regulators: bank fix needed quickly, by Tyler Cowen

The crisis, and the Geitner plan, explained, by Brad DeLong

Stimulus ostriches, by Brad DeLong

Real capitalists nationalize, by Kevin Drum

In knots over nationalization, The Economist

A second stimulus package will be needed, by Martin Feldstein

When ‘deficit’ isn’t a dirty word, by Robert H. Frank

No return to normal, by James Galbraith (via Mark Thoma)

Job losses hint at vast remaking of U.S. economy, by Peter Goodman and Jack Healy

The misunderstood John Maynard Keynes, by John Judis

Behind the curve, by Paul Krugman

Financial policy despair, by Paul Krugman

Japan reconsidered, by Paul Krugman

Revenge of the glut, by Paul Krugman

The big dither, by Paul Krugman

Will the Geithner plan work?, Paul Krugman, Simon Johnson, Brad DeLong, and Mark Thoma

The Swedish model, by Peter Thal Larsen and Chris Giles

The start of a crisis, through the lens of Avis, by David Leonhardt

What does the worst recession in a generation look like?, by David Leonhardt

Blame the economists, not economics, by Dani Rodrik

The history of banking crises indicates this one may be far from over, by Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart

US is ready for Swedish lesson on banks, by Gillian Tett

Successful bank rescue still far away, by Martin Wolf

The world of the past three decades has gone, by Martin Wolf

To nationalize or not?, by Martin Wolf

Living standards, poverty, inequality, well-being

Transforming the EITC to reduce poverty and inequality, by Gordon Berlin

Why is her paycheck smaller?, by Hannah Fairfield and Graham Roberts

The audacity of help, by Chrystia Freeland

The inequality conversation, by Ezra Klein

Now is the time for a less selfish capitalism, by Richard Layard

Savings accounts for all, by Ron Lieber

Capitalism beyond the crisis, by Amartya Sen

Why not arbitrary limits on executive pay?, by Matthew Yglesias


Very few small business owners would face tax increases under the president’s budget, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Putting a bulls-eye on a tax loophole, by Andrew Ross Sorkin

History shows that the president’s tax plans are consistent with strong economic growth, by Laura Tyson (via Mark Thoma)

Obama’s revenue shortfall, by Matthew Yglesias

Top marginal tax rates over time, by Matthew Yglesias

Health care

Tax my health benefits, please, by Jonathan Cohn

The inside story of health care’s near-death experience, by Jonathan Cohn

Q and A on the public insurance option, by Jacob Hacker (via Ezra Klein)

A public insurance option primer, by Ezra Klein

A lesson on health care from Massachusetts, New York Times

The Dutch healthcare system, by Michael Steen and Nicholas Timmins


All boarded up, by Alex Kotlowitz

Foreclosing the crisis, by Edward Glaeser


Our fifty states matter a lot less than our 100 largest metro areas, by Bruce Katz, Mark Muro, and Jennifer Bradley


A slippery place in the U.S. work force, by Julia Preston


In from the cold?, The Economist

U.S. politics

Ailing G.O.P. risks losing a generation, by Marjorie Connelly

The thirty days of Barack Obama, by Elizabeth Drew

Why Rush is wrong, by David Frum

Barack’s too-long wish list, by William Galston

How did the rich and the poor vote in 2008?, by Andrew Gelman

The state of American political ideology, by John Halpin and Karl Agne

Alternate route: bypassing the G.O.P., by John Harwood

“Socialism!” Boo, hiss, repeat, by Mark Leibovich

The trouble with state government, by Matthew Yglesias


Some good news, by William Easterly

Ireland’s economy: the party is definitely over, The Economist

When jobs disappear, The Economist

A continent adrift, by Paul Krugman

The Nordic model of social democracy, by Karl Ove Moene

Making human rights real, by Amartya Sen

A plan B for global finance, by Dani Rodrik

Swedish government resisting calls for Saab rescue, by Matthew Yglesias


Internet companies’ business model, The Economist

Tax plan aims to level soccer’s playing field, Financial Times

What I wish I’d known about tenure, by Leslie Phinney (via Chris Blattman)

A walled city in Tuscany clings to its ancient menu, New York Times

How to keep your email inbox (nearly) empty, by Farhad Manjoo

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