Links: December 2009

Health care

House and Senate bills reduce the deficit, slow health care costs, and include realistic Medicare savings, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Don’t kill the bill, continued, by Jonathan Cohn

What can families actually afford?, by Jonathan Cohn

The health-care bill has no master plan for curbing costs. Is that a bad thing?, by Atul Gawande

Why I still believe in this bill, by Jacob Hacker

Five cost controls in the Senate health-care bill, by Ezra Klein

The death of the public option, by Ezra Klein

The importance of the individual mandate, by Ezra Klein

Health reform: thank the Club for Growth, by Paul Krugman

Pass the bill, by Paul Krugman

Tidings of comfort, by Paul Krugman

If health reform fails, America’s innovation gap will grow, by David Leonhardt

Defend and demand: the progressive way forward, by Theda Skocpol

Why progressives should support a Democratic compromise, by Paul Starr

Fifth wheel, by James Surowiecki

Reasons not to kill the Senate bill, by Igor Volsky

Why I prefer French health care, by Matt Welch (via Jeff Weintraub)

Drop the mandate?, by Matthew Yglesias

Health reform will save people money, by Matthew Yglesias

The success of the public option campaign, by Matthew Yglesias


Bjorn Lomborg and Pual Krugman debate policies to address climate change

Getting warmer, The Economist

One accord, yet discord, by Fiona Harvey, Ed Crooks, and Andrew Ward

An affordable truth, by Paul Krugman

Unhelpful Hansen, by Paul Krugman

What you need to know following the Copenhagen climate summit, by Andrew Light, Daniel Weiss, and Rebecca Lefton

Evidence of a warming planet, New York Times

In face of skeptics, experts affirm climate peril, by Andrew Revkin and John Broder

Why Copenhagen must be the end of the beginning, by Martin Wolf

U.S. economy

The fairness of financial rescue, by Brad DeLong

Ten ways to move the budget back to a sustainable path, by Jeffrey Frankel

Age of diminished expectations, by Paul Krugman

Bernanke’s unfinished mission, by Paul Krugman

Is criticism of the Bernanke Fed justified?, by Mark Thoma

Will economists ever learn?, by Mark Thoma

Living standards, poverty, inequality, well-being

Inequality: a problem?, by Bruce Bartlett

Bankers had cashed in before the music stopped, by Lucian Bebchuk, Alma Cohen, and Holger Spamann

Workforce Investment Act reauthorization, by Gordon Berlin (via Shawn Fremstad)

Battered by the storm, by Deepak Bhargava et al

Obama sets plan to spur job creation, by Jackie Calmes

Are the naughties the best decade ever?, by Tyler Cowen

American jobs plan, Economic Policy Institute

The next war on poverty, by Peter Edelman

Why welfare reform has failed, by Peter Edelman and Barbara Ehrenreich

Men without jobs, by Justin Fox

Economic growth and convergence, by Stephen Gordon

If billionaires don’t feel guilty about walking away from their debts, should homeowners?, by Daniel Gross

Yes, inequality really is getting a lot worse, by Zubin Jelveh

The big zero, by Paul Krugman

Poll reveals depth and trauma of joblessness in U.S., by Michael Luo and Megan Thee-Brenan

Short-time work carries long-term consequences, by Stanley Pignal and Daniel Schafer

“Unbanked” America, by Catherine Rampell

Worrisome thoughts on the way to the jobs summit, by Robert Reich

Making job creation a priority, by Christina Romer (via Mark Thoma)

A way to share in a nation’s growth, by Robert Shiller

The administration’s job creation proposal is inadequate, by Mark Thoma

The fed can help, but fiscal policy is the key to job creation, by Mark Thoma

Labor data show a surge in hiring of temp workers, by Louis Uchitelle

The squeeze before the storm, by Edward Wolff


America’s fiscal deficit, The Economist

Governments differ dramatically in how they tax, The Economist

How to run up a deficit, without fear, by Robert H. Frank

Many see the VAT option as a cure for deficits, by Catherine Rampell

U.S. income tax not progressive at high end, by Martin Sullivan (via Catherine Rampell)

Should taxes be progressive?, by Mark Thoma


Schools that beat the odds, by Harry Brighouse

Are our colleges teaching students well?, by Kevin Carney

Teachers score higher than other professionals in well-being, Gallup


What makes cities great, by Edward Glaeser

Green cities, by Matthew Kahn

The Detroit project, by Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley

U.S. politics

After health care, we need Senate reform, by Ezra Klein

Seven stories Politico fears, by Ezra Klein

A dangerous dysfunction, by Paul Krugman

The Senate without the filibuster, by Brendan Nyhan

Three myths about political independents, by John Sides

What have we learned from the health care debate?, by John Sides

What we don’t know about polarization, by John Sides


The economic crisis has revealed the failings of global organisations, by Alan Beattie

The familiar road to failure in Afghanistan, by Rodric Braithwaite

In Chile, many are optimistic that prosperity is coming, by Juan Forero

The ascent, and fall, of Dubai, by Edward Glaeser

Is “growth with equity” getting old?, by Duncan Green

The state of the war in Afghanistan, New York Times

Countries in misery, by Floyd Norris

What works in devleopment?, Dani Rodrik, Lant Pritchett, and others

Obama adds troops, but maps exit plan, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Helene Cooper

Trade policy lessons from Mexico under NAFTA, by Eduardo Zepeda, Timothy A. Wise, and Kevin P. Gallagher


Notes on a class, by Harry Brighouse

Distilling famous thinkers, by Tyler Cowen

What are the odds that the best chess player in the world has never played chess?, by Tyler Cowen

Paul Samuelson, 1915-2009, by Avinash Dixit

The death of the boring blog post, by Paddy Donnelly

Ever-increasing choice was supposed to mean the end of the blockbuster, The Economist

Getting rid of academic journals or changing the review system?, by Andrew Gelman

Remembering Paul Samuelson, who forever fused economics with math, by Edward Glaeser

Divorce rate trends — selective framing, by Graphic Sociology

Variable geometry premiership, by Jonathan Hopkin

Night, by Tony Judt

What is living and what is dead in social democracy, by Tony Judt

The decade of the con, by Frank Rich

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