Ten links

After the Third Way: The Future of Social Democracy in Europe, edited by Olaf Cramme and Patrick Diamond

Jane Waldfogel, “What the U.S. can learn from Britain’s war on poverty” (ht Miles Corak)

Timothy Taylor, “McWages around the world” (ht Mark Thoma)

Janet Gornick and Markus Jantti, “Child poverty in high- and middle-income countries”

Peter Edelman, So Rich, So Poor: Why It’s So Hard to End Poverty in America

Rebecca Blank, Changing Inequality

Timothy Noah, The Great Divergence

Paolo Lucchino and Salvatore Morelli, “Inequality, debt, and growth”

Scott Winship, “The 1% conundrum: How much income inequality is there, really?”

Scott Winship, “What really happened to income inequality in the 20th century?”

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