Social issues in America

Lecture slides for my “Social Issues in America” course this past fall are posted here. The topics:

  1. Should we legalize marijuana?
  2. Do we need a carbon tax to reduce climate change?
  3. Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  4. Is political polarization hurting America?
  5. Why are some of us red and others blue?
  6. Should we reduce taxes?
  7. Should we reduce income inequality?
  8. How can we get our economy back to health?
  9. Is big business ruining America?
  10. Should we promote gender equality?
  11. What should we eat?
  12. Would less regulation make cities better?
  13. Should we limit imports and outsourcing?
  14. Should we reduce illegal immigration?
  15. When should we intervene abroad?

3 thoughts on “Social issues in America

  1. Just looked through your slides re inequality. It’s quite possible that at some point growing income inequality will start hurting growth. Perhaps not directly but through repeatedly engendering financial crises (or something along these lines). Any thought on that?

  2. Very informative slides! I think all issues are important but to reduce them it is necessary to make a lot of attempts…

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