Links: April 2008

U.S. economy

The end of American exceptionalism, by Clive Crook

Road to ruin?, Financial Times

Living standards, inequality, poverty, well-being

Presidents and income growth, by Larry Bartels

Pulling apart: a state-by-state analysis of income trends, by Jared Bernstein, Elizabeth McNichol, and Andrew Nicholas

Hunger stalks millions of poor Americans, Financial Times

Worked over and overworked, by Steven Greenhouse

The economic costs of poverty, by Harry Holzer, Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Greg J. Duncan, and Jens Ludwig

Good jobs for Americans who help Americans, by Robert Kuttner

Trends in infancy/early childhood and middle childhood well-being, 1994-2006, by Kenneth Land (via The Early Ed Watch Blog)

For many, a boom that wasn’t, by David Leonhardt

Maybe money does buy happiness after all, by David Leonhardt

Tax credits and public benefits (pdf), by Elizabeth Lower-Basch (via Matt Lewis)

Wall Street winners get billion-dollar paydays, New York Times

Inside the middle class: bad times hit the good life, by the Pew Research Center

The wage that meant middle class, by Louis Uchitelle


McCain and the decline of US, by Brad DeLong

Read their lips: Clinton and Obama take the pledge, by Howard Gleckman

Bush made permanent, by Paul Krugman

Weighing a McCain economist, by David Leonhardt

Principles of taxation, by Mark Thoma

Capital gains mythology, by Eric Toder

Health care

Are you confused yet?, by Jacob Hacker

The path to universal health care, symposium in The American Prospect


As cities revive, America’s poor are forced to the periphery, Financial Times

Playing the housing blame game, by David Leonhardt

Unsold homes tie down would-be transplants, New York Times

Modern suburbia not just in America anymore, USA Today (via Richard Florida)


Evaluating NCLB, by Harry Brighouse

Considering effective education solutions, by the Center for American Progress

How the world’s best-performing school systems come out on top (pdf), by McKinsey and Co.

Primary watch: ignoring early education, by Sara Mead

Early education at risk?, by Sara Mead

Fixing education policy, by Jim Ryan


Krugman’s conundrum, The Economist

Better roses than cocaine, by Nicholas Kristof

Is trade the problem?, New York Times

America needs to make a new case for trade, by Larry Summers


Of income and incomers, by Tim Harford

Immigration in western Europe, by Gianmarco Ottaviano and Giovanni Peri

Immigration reform suggestions: bring back indentured servitude?, by Jeff Weintraub

U.S. politics

The opiate of the elites, by Jeronimo Cortina, Andrew Gelman, David Park, and Boris Schor

Loose lips and Democratic ships, by E.J. Dionne

The culture wars, by Kevin Drum

The importance of campaign policy, by Ezra Klein

“Elite” … what’s it to you?, by Geoff Nunberg


The paradox of disappearing European unemployment, by Tito Boeri

Europe’s employment growth revived after 1995 while productivity growth slowed: Is it a coincidence?, by Ian Dew-Baker and Robert J. Gordon

The new face of hunger, The Economist

How to show a dictator the door, New York Times

U.N. panel urges changes to feed poor while saving environment, New York Times

Japan may be rigid but it is not inefficient, by David Pilling


An uncertain truth, by Daniel Engber

When one parent is better than two, by Shawn Fremstad

How to really change your kid’s behavior, by Alan Kazdin

If climate skeptics are right, it is time to worry, by Paul Klemperer

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