Links: November 2008

U.S. politics

Why getting your way as president isn’t just a numbers game, by Matt Bai

Election debriefing, by Larry Bartels

Last of the culture warriors, by Peter Beinart

The emerging center-left majority, by Robert Borosage and Stanley Greenberg

Darkness at dusk, by David Brooks

Two cheers for American democracy, The Economist

Who cares whether there’s an electoral realignment?, by Henry Farrell

Nonblack voting for Obama by region, by Andrew Gelman

Red/blue/rich/poor: 2008 update, by Andrew Gelman

Data matter, by Howard Gleckman

Why the rich voted for Obama against their own economic interest, by Daniel Gross

America the liberal, by John Judis

A conservative nation, by Ezra Klein

The next center, by Ezra Klein

Rambling about Kansas, by Ezra Klein

Obama and the war on brains, by Nicholas Kristof

The Obama agenda, by Paul Krugman

Palin’s rising star?, by Josh Marshall

Presidential candidates’ share of white vote, 1968-2008, by Timothy Noah

Matt Bai wrong on demand for government, by Brendan Nyhan

Dissecting the changing electorate, New York Times

Margins of victory, New York Times

The fundamentals mattered, by John Sides

There is no realignment, by John Sides

The Obama challenge: make four transformations work together, by Theda Skocpol

How did Obama win over white, blue-collar Levittown?, by Michael Sokolove

The realignment opportunity, by Paul Starr

Digging into the 2008 exit polls, by Ruy Teixeira

U.S. economy

Capitalism is more than a spectator sport, by Alan Blinder

Panic in Detroit, by Jonathan Cohn

Restore confidence first, by Tyler Cowen

The New Deal didn’t always work either, by Tyler Cowen

Why I was wrong, by Brad DeLong

Putting the air back in, The Economist

How to get a bang from the stimulus buck, by Justin Fox

Debt man walking, by John Judis

Let’s have another cup of coffee, by Michael Kinsley

Depression economics returns, by Paul Krugman

The lame-duck economy, by Paul Krugman

Top priority is stabilizing the patient, by David Leonhardt

What would Keynes have done?, by Greg Mankiw

Americans have lost their appetite for spending, by Floyd Norris

Why America needs an economic strategy, by Michael Porter

The mini depression and the maximum-strength remedy, by Robert Reich

No more economic false choices, by Robert Rubin and Jared Bernstein

Regulation should be international, by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff

A darker future for us, by Robert Samuelson

A $1 trillion answer, by Joseph Stiglitz

Slow recovery of labor markets, by Mark Thoma

Obama’s economic challenges, by Martin Wolf

Living standards, poverty, inequality, well-being

U.S. intragenerational economic mobility from 1984 to 2004, by Gregory Acs and Seth Zimmerman

Social mobility: an uphill battle, by Chris Dillow

The poverty of the official poverty rate, by Nicholas Eberstadt (via Will Wilkinson)

Where has all the income gone?, by Terry Fitzgerald (via Greg Mankiw)

Unions seek new rules, by Steven Greenhouse

Will the safety net catch the economy’s casualties?, by Steven Greenhouse

100 days for the middle class, by Anne Kim and Jim Kessler

Who is in the middle?, by Eduardo Porter

Bridge the wealth gap, by Robert Shiller

Trapped in the new “you’re on your own” world, by Robert Solow

Rein in chief’s pay? It’s doable, by Andrew Sorkin

Equitable and efficient redistribution, by Mark Thoma

Meet the HENRYs (high earners, not rich yet), by Shawn Tully (via Justin Fox)

The economic decline of America’s middle class, 2000-2006, by Jennifer Wheary, Thomas Shapiro, Tamara Draut, and Tatjana Meschede

The economic downturn takes its toll on well-being, by Justin Wolfers


A consumption tax, by Robert H. Frank

A few tax policy suggestions for our new president, by Jeff Frankel

Health care

President Obama’s path to greatness: health care as stimulus, by Dean Baker

Five myths about our ailing health-care system, by Sharon Brownlee and Ezekiel Emanuel

The beginning, not the end, by Ezra Klein

Why does U.S. health care cost so much? Parts one and two, by Uwe Reinhardt


Obama and our schools, by Nicholas Kristof

Why universal pre-K?, by Sara Mead

Importance of test scores in college admissions increases, New York Times


The climate for change, by Al Gore


Why the Germans just hate to spend, spend, spend, by Bertrand Benoit

The problems, and benefits, of urbanisation on a vast scale, The Economist

Rejoin the world, by Nicholas Kristof

Stunned Icelanders struggle after economy’s fall, New York Times


Gay marriage and a moral minority, by Charles Blow

Professors’ liberalism contagious? Maybe not, New York Times

The loving decision, by Anna Quindlen

The other side, by Mark Thoma

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