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  1. These are great. One caveat, the notion that top income percentile is made up of CEO, deal makers, and entertainers cannot be true. We are talking about 1 million plus families here. Last I looked the vast majority of the folks in this group were business owners, doctors, lawyers, and farm owners. Or, did I misunderstand, were you referring to the top .1 of the top percentile?

  2. Sorry for the off-topic post. I found your blog from a link last week by Ross Douthat’s blog from the New York Times. I really appreciated the information he linked to which looked at total effective tax rate by income quintile. I was wondering if you also had that information by income percentile — I’d be interested in looking at that data at a more granular level.

    Again, great blog, I’ve added to my RSS feeds. Thanks a lot,


  3. This is such a great website. We, in Thailand, are strugglling through the process of trying to enhance social justice while maintaining the (real) potential economic health. The question on opportunities is so key to get started with. Unfortunately, the central planning officials are quite obsessed with economic growth at the very macro level. Now, however, we are the process of the so-called “Thailand reforming”.

  4. Good post ! Keep me informed and up-dated on the inequalities of America’s economy, its economic classes, and what the government and both political parties intend to do about it ? Are you in favor of a ” Flat Tax ” as the G.O.P. is and some of its conservative proponents ? How about an Federal Estate Tax ( the so-called “Death Tax”) and the elimination of the ‘Bush Tax-Cuts’ ?

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