Can government help?

Lecture slides for the “Can Government Help?” section of my Social Issues in America course:

What is just?

What do Americans want?

Is there a tradeoff between social justice and a healthy economy?

What can government do?

How to pay for it

1 thought on “Can government help?

  1. If America cannot do better than other nations in quality of life issues, why would it be considered a leader in anything?

    As the most wealthy nation on earth, where America places its priorities should be important to the world, and if it does not begin first with its children and parental leave policies, where is the right place to begin?

    For moral society to be a reality, moral guidance is a necessity; for infants and toddlers, that comes from parents who care, from parents not forced to choose between child care or work.

    Due to America’s wealth, it should have parental leave of 36 months if Sweden has 18 months, not less months. Failure to recognize the relationship between infant caring and societal caring means the inconsistent logic of prosperity over morality as a legitimate substitute. There is no church who ever taught an infant child morality. That comes from parents or not at all, and it is established before a child can even speak.

    America cannot ignore its preference to establish a prison population by adulthood, and preach that it is a moral society.

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